Can we smoke cigarettes on the vehicles?

Sorry, we don’t allow any smoking on any of our vehicles. On the bright side, that’s why they’re always so clean and fresh smelling and you are given unlimited stops so any pit stops you require are not an issue.

Is this available for this date?

In order for us to let you know about availability, we’ll have to have you call or email one of our booking agents for more information. Just give us a quick phone call and our staff will be able to answer all of your questions, make sure you have all the information you need as well as a price quote specific to your itinerary.

Must we tip our driver at the end of the night?

Of course not! You aren’t required to tip, that is at your discretion. Though our chauffeurs are permitted to accept any tips they recieve and most of our customers do indeed leave a tip at the end of the journey.

Can you pick up my friend beforehand?

Yes, we offer unlimited stops with the total cost. We will pick up every guest up separately if you so choose but to save time most people meet at a single location.

Are alcoholic beverages allowed onboard?

Yes, so long as all of your guests are 21 or older. We are however prohibited from providing alcoholic beverages to our clients it's a complete BYOB situation. We can also stop at a store if you so request.

Are there any hidden fees to be aware of?

We go over every possible aspect of the rental terms with you and make sure you are comfortable entering the contract before your commit to anything. There are absolutely no hidden fees, the only fees you could possibly incur will be if you decide to extend your time, or damage/excessive cleaning fee which rarely have be to imposed.

Where can I get service if I'm not in Missouri?

We're happy to help no matter where you are! If you're in Wisconsin, check out!

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